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This is what happens when you have a BBQ slash surprise video shoot….

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March 2013 Newsletter

SAM PETERS MUSIC – World Full of Tomorrows

This is the maiden voyage of the SamPetersMusic Newsletter. Truly and honestly this year has been an amazing adventure, a true test of character and a real upheaval of sorts. I’m looking forward to sharing the fruits of my growth with you all.

I’m hoping that you will dig the new album, World’s Full of Tomorrows (now available on itunes). I’d really love it if everyone of you bought it, played it and sung it at full voice!! (just $1.98)

I’ve experienced a lot this year and this 2 song EP really highlights the journey that I’ve taken.It kind of binds it all together in a nice little package. It’s a year that has been marked by a break up with my wife and a whirlwind bro-mance. I’ve really been proud of the way I’ve dealt with all the upheaval in my life. I’ve kept a cool head and I really just employed many of the ‘emotional tools’ that I’ve learned over the last few years of rock climbing, skateboarding, skiing and adventuring. It sounds trite, but I’ve never been more fearful for my life then when I’ve found myself stuck 15-20 feet up a rock and sure that I was going to fall to my death. Moreover, I’ve never panicked quite so outwardly as when I’ve skateboarded down a monstrous hill, at least what felt for me like a major hill (see Bicknell Hill or Franklin in Santa Monica, California). See, the thing is, I’ve survived, I’ve pulled through, moreover I’ve accepted these almost daily challenges and I’ve survived them. What I’ve learned in these daily affirmations is that not only do I have to keep my head, but I’ve had to learn to trust my feet, to trust that I have the tools at my disposal. These few songs, for me, speak to that journey. Here’s to always trusting your feet!

Also as many of you probably know, or should have gathered from my first dance video “Entwined Dance”, I graduated from Martha Graham’s School of Contemporary Dance in 1996 and I simply can’t wait to send you my newest and most appalling (appealing) dance video for “Man Oh Man” (next week)…

Much Love,


Please feel free to send me any feedback that you’d like to share regarding my music, my promotion, my videos or my website. I’m will always be interested in hearing your ideas!




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My wife and I were house sitting for Susanna Hoffs and she allowed me the great privilege of recording on her gear.

When she returned from her trip, I played this for her.  She liked it so much, she asked if she could sing on it.

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see what my buddy Adam has to say about his trip up the Murray


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Filming “Dead for the Last Time” by Paul Kent


MUSIC THOUGHTS BY SAM PETERS – www.sampetersmusic.com

Dead SamFace Filming Dead for the Last Time

I am super excited that I got the opportunity to work with Adam Colton and Loaded on their newest monsterpiece.

Here’s a little something in the way of articulating my musical choices, direction and inspiration.

After viewing the stunning visuals, as well as the intense, dark and graphic story that Adam had put together, I knew that I had to come up with something special that would really drive the narrative.  Being that the movie is a Western, that also helped to define the musical palette.  For inspiration, particularly for the intro I created, I looked to the movie “No Country for Old Men” which was scored by Carter Burwell.  I tried to capture that kind of dark, foreboding, epic feel, but obviously I wanted to use my own voice to find it.  Similarly, when Adam had a particular sound that he wanted me to go for, like the bluegrass section I did my best to follow his lead.  Sometimes I was given cryptic notes such as “some kind of eerie, suspenseful music, that goes with open landscape, mysterious,”  but to his credit, and because of the kind of guy Adam is, for the most part I was instructed to allow inspiration to pull me where it would.

Dead Sam Madalin Filming Dead for the Last Time

As well as being menacing and ominous the movie also has a comedic element to it.  We made the choice to allow the action to create the humor and not attempt to hit anyone over the head with it.

I didn’t want the music to be a distraction or make the movie feel silly.  The story is potent and I wanted the music to draw you into the drama.  I hope I did my job.

Thanks again to the entire Loaded family!

Dead Sam Cute Filming Dead for the Last Time

– See more at: http://www.loadedboards.com/2012/04/filming-dead-for-the-last-time/#sthash.uCw8LsQ3.dpuf


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I scored this video for Surf Monkey Films

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I am super excited that Loaded Longboards used my song for their video.


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